Podere Ranieri

There’s a road in Tuscany which cuts through a valley formed by rolling hills covered with Mediterranean scrub. The soil is sturdy and the farmers know that it has to be tilled and tended, otherwise it shuts. The land is ferrous and rich in minerals: there used to be mines around here. Not far away there’s the sea, there’s Elba Island, and there’s the Mistral that blows from the gulf – fresh, damp and salty.

On this road, among horses, olive trees and buzzards, we at Podere Ranieri grow our vines. Our job is to preserve a precious natural heritage, to protect old vineyards otherwise destined to fall in a state of neglect and to reveal the uniqueness of a territory.

We travel this road every day, because it’s the road that takes us home.


Podere Ranieri

We’re convinced that wine is a living matter with a memory of its own. Opening a bottle and making it breathe is like revealing a secret in a whisper.

The bottle of a winemaker tells of a life spent between the rows, by listening to the noise of clods under the boots in order to understand what the soil is asking.
Inside it, there’s an open dialogue with the vineyard – a series of questions, answers, silences, doubts, errors and trials that has been going on forever. Every year, every season, every day.
In the bottle of a winemaker, you can find the craftsman who patiently cultivated his raw material, carved it when it was wood, cared for it when his shoots were more fragile. You can find the nights spent by watching over fermenting must, with a light and respectful touch, and the choice to stay one step behind the wine.

We chose to explore the road that leads to the wine’s character, to its territory, to the fascinating and melancholic uniqueness of the vintages.
We chose wine because it is our travelling companion which reminds us who we are.

Who are we?
We are winemakers. We are artisans. We are the terroir.


Podere Ranieri

A haiku is a short composition that describes an emotion in just seventeen syllables.

In the same spirit, we try to depict the seasons and use our wines to compose a single three-note chord. That’s how Senziente came to be – from the harmony between Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.
And Sardonico – from Trebbiano, Viognier and Manzoni.

Senziente and Sardonico are two wide-angle pictures of our vineyards, our territory, our work, our years.

“Solo” is the label for our varietal wines, each of which is the search for an essence.

Only in the best vintages.
Only from a harvest of grapes showing a perfect balance between acidity and sweetness of the pulp, with scented and crisp skins.
Only if the wine can tell the story of the territory and people.

This very limited number of bottles is intended to celebrate the most extreme peaks of the seasons with wines that are distinguished by vibrant and vital tones, taut between flavour and elegance.


Podere Ranieri

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Podere Ranieri
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58024 – Massa Marittima (GR)

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